5 Reasons Magento Is Best for Online Store Design

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5 Reasons Magento Is Best for Online Store Design

There have never been so many ecommerce design platforms for those who want to build a profitable website. At ADX Media, we specialize in Magento store design and like to think the results speak for themselves. Still, we appreciate that many of our prospective clients don’t know much about what the Magento store design platform has to offer. Thus, we’ve put together five reasons we believe it’s the best.


1. It’s Open Source

We love that the Magento store design platform is completely open source. This means that essentially anyone can modify it to make it better fit their unique needs. At the time of this writing, Magento has been altered thousands of times based on users’ suggestions.

The reason we love this is because it means that there is a version of Magento that’s perfect for each of our customers. Our clientele is all over the map in terms of industries, meaning we couldn’t possibly use one, inflexible platform for all of them and truly meet everyone’s needs equally. With Magento, this isn’t an issue.

2. Extremely Secure

Sadly, if you’re making money online, you have to worry about eventually being victimized by a hacker. It’s not just the money that makes you a target. Your site also has plenty of sensitive information from the business deals you’ve done. Unfortunately, that’s irresistible to cyber criminals.

Another great thing about the Magento store design platform being open source is that there are countless people constantly poring over its code to look for bugs and vulnerabilities. They’re found, reported and fixed because of this community faster than what would happen with a conventional platform.

We love that using Magento to build our customers’ sites means that they are less likely to suffer a successful attack at the hands of cyber criminals.

3. Google Friendly

Although social media can definitely become a source of quality traffic that converts, it’s still important that you play by Google’s rules and try to attract users that way too. Surprisingly, not all ecommerce platforms do a good job of this. Some can downright hurt your chances of getting found organically through Google and other search engines.

The Magento store design platform was clearly made with this necessity in mind, though. Right out of the box, it gets indexed by Google correctly. Descriptions, meta titles and other important features are included too.

It’s awesome that Magento makes it easy for us to help our clients bring in traffic so our conversion specialists can turn them into sources of profit.

4. Mobile Friendly

Magento is also mobile-friendly, which is great because, if it wasn’t, Google would like it a lot less. Of course, working well on mobile devices is important because, more and more, that’s how people are choosing to experience the online world. If your site doesn’t automatically change to accommodate people who are accessing it through their phone or a tablet, it wouldn’t matter if Google made you the number one result for every single keyword you wanted, would-be customers wouldn’t stick around.
It’s also incredible that Magento makes it so easy to create your own, custom app. When customers have your app on their device’s screen – represented by your store logo – they are going to be much more likely to give you reoccurring business.

Magento is keeping up with SEO best practices and makes it possible for any of our customers to achieve functionality once reserved for Fortune 500 companies.

5. Built-In Scalability

While it’s a great problem to have, scalability can often be a real challenge for fledgling businesses. Although there are many reasons for this, one is because the website they started with is no longer capable of hosting all of their new inventory.

The Magento store design can host thousands upon thousands of products and places the ability to grow as a primary objective. Another way it does this is with the ability to change the language used on your site to match the geo location of your user. This ensures your business never has to be restricted by borders.

We love that our customers can start at any size, knowing full well that the site we made for them is going to grow with their company over time at whatever speed is necessary.

Those are the five reasons we think the Magento store design platform is the best option for building a successful online store. However, if you want to know even more or talk about your company’s unique needs, we’re always available to talk.

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