Migrating to Volusion Template Design

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Migrating to Volusion Template Design

volusion template design

Volusion Template Design

There are many reasons why you would want to migrate to Volusion template design. The system has a huge range of features that make it highly convenient for customers to shop for products and services and for staff members to manage stocks, inventory, orders and shipping. But migrating to another online shopping cart, even if the features of Volusion look great, can be problematic in many cases.

Luckily, Volusion is highly robust and able to work well with many other carts and systems. Likewise, at ADX Media we find it a breeze to migrate clients to the new system once they have decided to make the switch.

Preserving Your Online Rankings

One of the biggest issues whenever you are thinking of migrating any sort of hosting is how to preserve your online rankings. You may have spent several years building up a reputation online and you are afraid that if you migrate now, you could lose all that hard work.

Volusion is a great platform because it lets you create your site on an initial test server, where you can do split testing to determine whether all the links, images, search features and so on work. Once this phase is completed, all that needs to be done is to have the nameservers redirected.

301 redirect pages are also very simply to set up and this means that it is very easy to migrate from other platforms to Volusion.

Volusion Features

Volusion also has a huge range of features that make it ideal for small businesses that we work with, such as:

–       Merchandising – their systems come with free templates and other handy features that make it easy for you to communicate with your clients and sell your products and services

–       Marketing – Volusion template design sites also come with extensive marketing tools that allow you to promote your products through social networks and mobile services

–       Management – the management of your queries, orders, payment and shipping is a breeze with the easy-to-use system

–       Security – security is guaranteed at Volusion’s remote servers with a 99.9% uptime and military grade encryption to ensure that all of your customer data is safe and secure

–       Customer support – Volusion also has superior customer support in person and with comprehensive documentation

Without a doubt, we can recommend Volusion template design as one of the best online shopping cart systems for our small business partners.

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