Managing Clients with Volusion Templates

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Managing Clients with Volusion Templates

Volusion templates are also great at helping you manage your customers, and that is one of the reasons why we use this platform to develop web sites at ADX Media. There are many ways to support your customers and gather highly valuable feedback using the integrated systems inside the Volusion setup and management panel. You will have access to a full suite of communication, inventory, processing, and analytics tools so that you can maintain every aspect of your online sales endeavors.


Communication is Key

The core component of the Volusion templates to manage clients is the communication and customer services section. You will be able to keep in touch with all of your clients. They will be able to contact you directly through intelligent forms that funnel their queries to the most important departments and provide adequate information to get the request processed.

Orders, sales, shipping, deliveries, refunds and much more will be a breeze to manage.

Stocks and Inventory

In any online shopping cart system, it is imperative to have full control over stocks and inventory. With Volusion templates, you will be able to manage in real time the displayed available quantities on the shopping cart page and the actual physical stocks of your products on your shelves. Harmony between these two systems is crucial for 100% customer satisfaction and Volusion gives you the power to control this efficiently.

Quick Orders and Processing

You will be able to process orders extremely quickly with intuitive tools that display all the relevant information in an easily accessible place. Live updating so you never miss an order is included and you will be able to approve multiple orders at once or individually after verifying details.

Full Suite of Analytical Tools

Volusion templates also come with full access to a complete suite of analytical tools. These will allow you to understand and evaluate the productivity of all of your products and categories. There are many different ways to parse and analyze the information available and a range of graphs and other features will help you quickly see what is profitable and what is not.

You will be able to sort your entries by day, week or month.

Lastly, you will also be able to manage the other aspects of your site, such as the number of hits, where the clients came from and which pages they found interesting. This information will help you create value clients are looking for in your online business.

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