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Features of Volusion Web Design

The Many Features of Volusion Web Design

Volusion Web Design

There are many reasons to use a basic Volusion web design on your e-commerce site. While the basic Volusion templates can make great all-round websites, if you are looking for a custom solution more tailored to your needs then consider using our services at ADX Media.

We have been using Volusion for the past four years and combined with our 15 years of experience helping small businesses make their mark on the Internet, we are convinced that it is a great platform to use.

Navigating the Features of Volusion

While Volusion web design templates are easy to set up, if you want solutions tailored to your specific needs then you can benefit greatly from our help. We will be able to set up the vZoom tool so that your products can be showcased easily with quick mouse gestures and of course on new touch-driven portable devices.

The unlimited product options on Volusion’s setup pages can be intimidating for many clients. There is a huge range of colors and styles to choose from and it can be daunting setting it all up by yourself. As a small business owner, you simply do not have the time to deal with all the technical details. This is why we will be able to create a page for you based on your design specifications and your needs.

Volusion Product Options

Volusion Product Options

Another one of the powerful features in Volusion (and one reason why we recommend it so much) is the “soft add to cart” feature. This will allow your clients to click on products and add them to their cart without ever leaving the product page. This is a big convenience that clients prefer.

Volusion’s integrated one page checkout will reduce abandoned carts and lost sales. One of the biggest problems with multi-page forms is that there could be errors between pages or customers might simply change their minds before they would make the purchase.

Volusion also allows you to have unlimited product photos, which many small businesses agree is the best thing for clients. Statistics show that the more images you have on your product pages, the more likely customers are to make a decision to leave their money with you. You can create images of your products from many different angles and in many different forms.

Without a doubt, Volusion’s feature-rich options for web design make it our favorite platform for shopping cart web design.

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