Why should I use Volusion Shopping Cart?

///Why should I use Volusion Shopping Cart?

Why should I use Volusion Shopping Cart?

Advantages of Volusion StoreThe following is a summary of some of the benefits of using a Volusion Store. We often work with clients that have been using an older or less advanced shopping cart, so we put together a few of the key features and benefits of Volusion.

Please note that some of these features are not exclusive to Volusion. We have built online stores for our clients using many types of shopping cart. This article focuses on Volusion.

There are lots of advantages including:

It is server based – which means multiple people can make changes and check orders on multiple computers. All you need is a computer with access to the internet. (and username and password). You do not need any software – it’s all on the web. No more snapshots or worries about computers crashing etc.

Products can appear in multiple categories without having to duplicate them. So you could have a jacket appear in Jackets, Womens Jackets, Shooting Jackets, On Sale etc very easily. This makes it easier for visitors to find your products.

Products can be listed with sizes and colors from an excel file. This also helps to know exactly which size has been ordered. (its unique part number will appear on the order).

Most of your suppliers will probably have excel files of their products – this can be used to very quickly populate the online store (with more information than can be achieved with other shopping carts such as Actinic).

One step checkout (gets people checking out faster).

Update prices etc with excel spreadsheet – makes sale prices very easy to update.

Product images automatically resized. You just upload the original image and it will get resized into small medium and large. (This is a big advantage over some other carts like Actinic, where images have to be edited & resized before uploading).

They have free 24/7 tech support. So anytime you have a question just get on live chat with them. I am always available, but it makes good business sense to have a back-up. (I’ve used them a lot).

Google Product Feed – you can upload your products to Google Product feed for more free traffic.

Automatic software version updates.

Summary of Improvements for our clients that start using Volusion:

They often receive more visitors & sales
It is much faster to add new products with excel
We don’t have to worry about sizing product photos.
Updates to prices are much faster (excel)
Checkout is quicker for customers, so we have improved conversions.
Orders are processed by different people in different places (no software or snapshots required).
Improved tracking of visitors and conversions for sale etc.

Overall, 100% of the clients which we move onto Volusion are very happy with the improvements.

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